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July 15, 2013
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Forever OTPs by shock777 Forever OTPs by shock777
YO DAWG! I heard you liked OTP's so I put your OTP's inside other OTP's clothes so you can have OTPS IN OTPS!!

I have shipped many things over the years...but these 4 revolutionized my shipping heart. :XD: They were and always will be my number one couples. I guess if you were looking for intensity, I guess their respective orders would be this:

1.) :star: NARUTO AND HINATA :star: they're the winners because I've shipped them hardcore for the longest consecutive years in a row. They were like...the thing that got me into anime in the first place. ^__^ :heart: And it was also INSTANT ship. I started watching naruto I think in 2005? So I was like, 12...And I remember I first saw the Haku episodes and thought the show was super violent and it was a very awesome feeling. :evillaugh: a few months later, when toonami was still on, I turned on the tv and found the chunin exams episode on. The one with the written test. :iconchuuplz: Needless to say, I was introduced to Hinata for the first time ever, and It was Instant love. Then I saw right away that these two were obviously meant for each other....with all that cute cheating and Hinata's shyness and her blushies and...asdkjalkgjhadskjflfah :iconcannotevenplz: I was reluctant to watch naruto and get into it for the longest time, but this episode and this ship pushed me overboard into the fandom straight away. They're the frikkin REASON why I even watch Naruto.

2.) Beast Boy and Raven Okay. So these two are probably the second favorite OTP I have ever had just because It was so strong-the feels I had of these two. Teen Titans in general got me first interested in japan because of their themesong and similar style to anime. :) The only reason they are not number one is because it was not instant-ship feels like with naruhina. It took me TIIIIIIME to see them as a couple. I had always fangirled over beastboy, and wondered what Girl would come in and love him for him. :) I mean, In the beginning thisiskindofembarrassing,but... I created an OC for him to be his love interest. and she was called BEAST GIRL. :iconotlplz: I know. It's so stupid. But I was like, what?! 9 years old? IDEK. :iconcannotevenplz: So...I kinda shipped beastgirl and beastboy for a long ass time but...Then it happened. :XD: The "Spellbound" and "Beast Within" episodes. x//////x uhmm...:heart: need I say more!? to this DAY, those are my two favorite episodes ever. :heart: I got super into bbxrae after that and then I looked into the old DC comics in which they WERE a canon-ish couple...They even KISSED a couple times okay?!!?! It was just sooo freaking adorable that raven was scared of hurting anyone and beastboy wanted to be her "knight in shining armor." even in the cartoon, BB was extremely protective of her and she of him...Also he got her when no one else did and that's what made it more likable to me than other couples in the same show. :iconmassiveblushplz: ;/////; I was PISSED OFF that only Star and Robin got their couple-closure that I so desperately wanted for bbxrae. :| ....:iconorzplz: I mean, I shipped robxstar as well, but not as much as bb and rae. Raven...I just loved her. And I freaking LOVED beastboy. ;__; It broke my heart with that effing terra stuff and how the ending of the series didn't make these two an official canon couple T______T </3 But watching the episodes over in recent times, it's so blatantly obvious that the animators were hinting at these two. So much so that It makes it all the more maddening they didn't give them that closure. :iconfrageplz:

3.) Kuki and Wally It's hard to tell which couple I shipped more, 3x4 or Dannyxsam, but I think kuki and wally go first. Simply because I drew actual fanart of these two and made amv's and stuff of them when I was younger. I major crushed on wally...v///v :heart: But it was damn adorable how much he denied his love for kuki x///x :heart: As a child becoming a teenager, KND for me was a perfect show. I loved how creative it was but I mainly watched it to see more of KukiXWally :) I loved that I was also the same-ish age as them, which made it that much closer to my heart. :) The episodes of Kuki And Wally protecting each other, the one where Kuki almost gets married to Sandy...The rainbow monkey stuff...the cat lady episode..and many others. Let's not forget that they actually EFFING KISSED FULL ON THE LIPS in one of the specials. eveniftheywerezombies...butI'lltakeit.:love: They also became canon in the very end, but just like bbxrae, it didn't get the closure I really really desired :cries:. They did get married, but...I wanted build up to the marriage...oh well, it was a kid's show afterall...^^; But I still get major feels from KND :) It was a good part of my childhood. :)

4.) Danny and Sam This one was kind of instant shipping feels. ^_^ But I loved DANNY SO MUCH I kinda was jealous of Sam :XD: haha. I made amv's of these two as well, but I didn't draw much fanart...^^; I couldn't draw the style well enough and at the time BBxRae was taking over >////>;; :heart: But these two will be a forever OTP of mine, simply because I loved the show and I loved Danny so freaking Much. :love: I love the concept of the show, and it's a shame it got cancelled prematurely. :( :cries: I used to read Fanfictions of these two....I was soooo happy they made them kiss over and over and over again in this freaking show....Whenever I watch old reruns or amv's of these two, I feels go all over the place off the charts!! :love: They had a truly special relationship...:):iconnosebleedplz: This pairing was the only one that I felt got the closure It deserved :')


My OTP's are perfect. :iconcblushplz:

If you want, you can ask me what my other ships are from other cartoons and shows? Who knows, maybe we ship more things in common than previously thought. :) :heart:

Hinata and Naruto(c)Masashi Kishimoto
Danny and Sam(c)Butch Hartman
Beast Boy and Raven(c)DC comics/Glen Murakami
Number 3 and Number 4(c)Tom Warburton
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Hergman Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
now that naruhina is canon, what is your reaction? :iconmicrophoneplz:
shock777 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I;'ve been posting it alllll over my tumblr blog ;; needless to say its been real crazy and feels good man
Imccutie1999 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Student General Artist
1(My fav and first OTP).BBXRAE all the way!!!!♥
2.(Second OTP).Danny and Sam all the way!!!!
Love your art work!:-) :-) :-)
TheProtecters Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Student Artist
Awesome artwork.
amazoness-king Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh that is just priceless wel done
megibabe Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Student General Artist
i ship all these except for the naruto one, since i don't watch it. XD but yeah, love the pic! so cute!
shock777 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Naruto gets confusing, but I think if you just look up NARUHINA you can see why i like it v///v Shy girl who finds strength in a boy who never gives up...It's just...adorable.
megibabe Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Student General Artist
hm, i can believe that! i might look it up when i have the time. :)
rjpugh Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013
Re: BBxRae, it's ironic that in the comics, Rob-x-Star crashed and burned (sigh), while BBxRae, or rather Changeling-x-Rae, became a stable couple (after one false start) that ran until the series was rebooted.
PauNyanOrange Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pikachu Loves It Plz Mis parejas favoritas, Te pasaste de asombroso :D Pikachu want it
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