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Eric's House by shock777 Eric's House by shock777
Alright so, I'm not the best at designing houses but this is what I imagine Eric's house to look like (as best as I can convey it). He has a two story house :) And I forgot to draw the front yard but who really cares about that anyway?! :XD: It's got a tree in the front and a driveway. that's about it.

To explain things, I'll be starting with the front door.

Living Room: Eric's living room has like, a blue-ish couch and a dark brown reclining chair. His carpets in all his house are a very very very light brown beige color and the walls of his house are all white. There is a flat screen tv hugging against the wall to your left as soon as you walk in the front door, with videogames and a dvd rack etc. To the right of the tv on that same wall is the enterance to the garage/laundry room. The garage is big enough to hold two cars. There is a book shelf to the right of the enterance to the garage, and a bathroom to the right of that that only has a bathtub. There is a small closet on the wall where the stairs are. His stairs are made of carpet, but have white railings.

Kitchen/Dining room/Backyard: To the right of the front door, there is an arch way leading into the dining room which has a table that seats five. The tiles in his kitchen are a light white-tan color, and his table is made of dark wood. When you walk into the dining room, to your left you will see black, shiny counters. The dishwasher is built into the counter, as well as the sink. Under the sink there is a cabinet where there are soaps and other miscellanious things stored. To the right of the sink, there is another cabinet built into the counter where there is a pull-out trash can. To the right of the trash can the stove is also built in and is one of those fancy stove ovens that doesn't use a flame. It's a flat top. The counter hugs the east wall and turns into a corner that has cabinets above it where spices and bowls and plates are stored. There are drawers in the counter for silverware below the microwave and coffee machine. Then, the counter ends and there sits the fancy fridge that can give you purified water :D

Behind all of that, there is a walk in pantry where a lot of food is stored to your left, and then a sliding glass door leading out to the backyard patio that has an awning to provide shade. There is only a table and two chairs out there for sitting. Their backyard is rather boring, because His parents don't really care. They would have put a pool in, but they knew they wouldnt be home a lot to enjoy it. Their backyard is enclosed and against the fence are a bunch of bushes and roses and flowers and things. They have one tree in the north west corner. If you walk to your left, and turn left again towards the front of the house, there is another cement patio where they keep their garbage cans. There is also a second door entering into the garage. Also, next to the garage, there is a gate going through a cement pathway out to the front of the house so someone can take out the trash. :)

:star: Second Floor: :star:

Eric's room/Thomas's study: When walking up the stairs, to your right above the kitchen and dining room area, is Eric's father's private study. No one is allowed in there so what it looks like can really be up to you. :P I can imagine it being very business like with filing cabinets and maybe even a reclining chair in it. Thomas always keeps his study locked and lets no one but his wife in. To the left, if you walk down the hallway which has lots of frames of pictures on it, the first door to your left is Eric's room. At the end of the hallway there is another closet where shoes and coats and things are stored. Inside Eric's room, to your right there is a TV that is mounted on the wall with a TV stand underneath it with an xbox360 and dvds and things on it. There is a hamper at the foot of Eric's bed where he puts his dirty laundry. His bed is hugging the wall. to the left of his bed is a bed stand with an alarm clock on it and possibly a bottle of water. He charges his phone there as he sleeps at night. To the right of his bed stand there is a small trash can and then he has a desk where he does homework and things. He has a giant bulletin board above his desk where he has a calendar tacked to it and other papers and poems and things. His desk has drawers where he keeps his books and stuff in. His desk has a lamp and his laptop as well as headphones and things he uses for online gaming. As you walk into his room, on the left hand side there is a closet where he keeps his clothes, and on the wall where the door is, to the left of the door, there is his dresser.

Paige and Thomas's Room/Eric's Bathroom/Guest Bedroom: When coming up the stairs, to your right across from you is Eric's parent's room. It's the master's bedroom, and therefore the biggest room. It has its own bathroom with two sinks where Paige and Her husband share. There is one of those fancy walk-in showers hugging the corner and stuff. They have a king size bed with fancy sheets and things, and maybe some end tables next to their bed. Their dresser they share (it's big), and it is to the left of their bed. Paige has a huge walk-in closet on the same wall next to the dresser.

Straight ahead of you as you walk up the stairs, To the left of Eric's parent's room is Eric's bathroom. It can be the guest bathroom too, but because no one comes to visit, it's mostly Eric's. When you walk in, to your left there is the sink with a mirror above it. Again, there is a cabinet underneath the sink where other things like a plunger and cleaners can be stored. The bath has a shower head and the window is up high so that no one can see inside on whomever is showering. The toilet is in front of the bath, hugging the left wall. The toilet paper roll is attached to the end of the sink/counter.

If you walk across from Eric's room down the left of the hallway, there is a guest room. No one ever visits besides BB, and she never spends the night, so it usually goes unused. There isn't much in there, besides a bed to your right and a dresser across from the bed.

:D ahhh~ Well, I hope that you all can understand just a tad bit of what I imagine when I write stories and draw comics. :P It's hard to describe these kinds of things >< It's also hard to draw backgrounds for me. At least now you can get a very basic idea of what I see in my head as I draw/write about Eric's life. :) :heart: Now, I've got to do BB's house next :XD: Her house will be easier cause It's a one-story house. :meow:

Have any questions? XP I tried the best I could at explaining!! ^^;
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sonicgamer127 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Student General Artist
breaker breaker we're going in *breaks the door* time to party!!!!!!!!!1
BJbear2001 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
settings! Yaaay!
NaruHinaSasuSaku4evr Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
wow, this is so cool. i did this once for my shipped couple.. idk where it went, but this is really cool still. >.>
Yenudu Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013
this is a nice house wish i had the money to build it
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