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The Boyfriend ♥

OMG THANK YOU FOR THE 115 POINTS ;A; More than one of you guys gave the full 115 you want refunds whenever my transaction goes thru? or? 

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It's time to talk about my Boyfriend.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 12:58 AM

Not that many of you care, but maybe some of you do because of my "DEAR FUTURE HUSBAND SERIES". I'm no longer single, and it's everything I've ever dreamed of. I believe I have found the one I've waited for....:heart: 

For those of you who want to see what God is doing in my life, Please take some of my personal testimony as proof that God is real, he cares about you, and that his promises will come to pass. 

;////; my heart is so full ❤️

I met Josh back in High School my sophomore-Junior year. He was dating a friend of mine at the time, and we kind of just were friends. Near the end of my senior year, Josh and our friend broke up and we dated for about a month. My friend found out, attacked me, had her friends send me nasty messages and death threats, and my dreams were crushed. It was at that point where Josh and I broke things off, and we never talked again after that. It would be another 5 YEARS before we ever talked to each other again after this. 

I moved away, about 400 miles from My hometown and pursued ministry school and college. During that time I prayed for my future husband, and that's when I started my DFH series (… ). Many of you have read the entries, have seen the art, and have heard my heart and how I have suffered throughout the years waiting for him. 

I stayed in Redding from 2012 until 2016. Four long years to be away from home. I finally moved back last year in the summer. 

My last entry for DEAR FUTURE HUSBAND was dated September 1st, 2016: 

Little did I know, that Josh was going to come back into my life about a month after this. 

When Josh and I met again, on October 19th, 2016,  I was just going for an ice-cream run and coincidentally ran into him at his work. I was NOT aware he had worked there and keep in mind we haven't had contact for 5 years at this point. As I walked in that night, he was there. And we reconnected. He told me how he had an abusive girlfriend and broke up with her in March that year. He had been in a deep depression and was excited to meet me again. The first meeting I had with him that night was awkward, and all those painful memories of what my friend put me through resurfaced. All the memories flooded back, but I had a pleasant conversation with him.  I left, got home, and saw his facebook friend request.

About a month later, Josh let me know that he had sent me that facebook friend request HOURS before I met him at his store. I had not been online at all that day, and just barely saw his request after getting home from my icecream run. What's strange (rather, miraculous, ) about it is that we hadn't talked in 5 YEARS as I've said. Why, on that exact day, did he decide to reconnect with me? Why on that exact day did I happen to go to his place of work (which I didn't even know he worked there), and why had this all happened at all? It's almost as if it was meant to be. 

Josh informed me that he had seen my ART on facebook and was remembering me. My art was connected to this, as God had told me my art would bring me to blessed places someday. It's rather weird how we met again.

Not only that, but Josh shares many similarities with my life. His full name is what I would have been named had I been born a boy. He shares the same disorder as my sister, and suffers anxiety disorder like I do. He and I have always had similar interests. We met in the same store that my parents met, many years before I was born. Josh's old boss used to work with my grandmother's boss when she worked at that store. He shares the same humor, he has the most wonderful personality...Everything about him is almost perfect.

My wounds from our past started to heal the more we hung out together. We didn't want to date again, him being afraid of getting hurt again, and me afraid that he wasn't my husband. But on November 16th, 2016 was the first day we kissed and the first day we began dating.  As I began to go out with him, I realized how amazing of a person he was. He never fights with me, we've never once had even a heated disagreement. We always talk with one another. He is so generous and kind...His parents are lovely and thank me all the time for being with him. He loves my family and I love his and he holds me when I cry and he cares for me and accepts me as I am. Josh is making me a better person and I have God only to thank for this. ♥ We have gone to an arcade, we have seen numerous movies in the theaters, we've gone to the zoo, spent christmas and new years together, gotten each other valentines day presents, exchanged hilarious text messages and are living the dream. 

Josh was my first and only boyfriend I've ever had. How blessed would I be if he is the man God has promised me....He makes me healthier and elevates me. He has never once put me down. He's a good christian man of God and a wonderful nerd who loves computers and pokemon. I love him with all of my heart!!!!! 

If you think all of that is strange/too good to be true/too coincidental, let me further show how good and faithful God is for bringing this man back into my life. Read this post about how I DREAMED of Josh during the 5 years we were away from each other. The coincidences get weirder and weirder.

:star:… :star: 

And if you would like to see our goings-on, since I don't blog on deviantart, you can check out all of my entries about us HERE: :star:… :star: 

I'm ending this journal with a message: God cares about what you care about. Whatever is important to you, in my case, finding the perfect match for me, pray intensely and passionately for whatever it is. Never Give Up. Never lose hope. Never doubt God's promises. They will come to pass, even if it's not what you expect or during the timeline you wish for. 

I'm not 100% sure that Josh is the husband God promised me. We've only been together for about 4 months. But these four months have been magic and will always be in my heart forever. I see a potential future with this man. One I can say "I do" to. Even if it's early on, he is healthy and makes me healthy. He leads me closer to God and family and that's all one can ever ask for. I am so blessed and thankful that I can take my time with Josh and God to see where this relationship will bring us. We will take each day one at a time, and no matter what God will nurture our hearts. 

Thank you all for reading if you did. If not, TLDR; Josh is handsome and perfect and wonderful and I think he's the husband I've waited for. 

Ending this with some cute pictures because why not? :P 

-Alex- 3/5/17 

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Hello! My name is Alex! :) Thank you for coming to my page! Do not repost or edit my art if you can help it please !!! ;; I have graduated Ministry school and am currently attending College. I am also in waiting for my husband-to-be :) I ship Naruhina and BBrae most of all, but I love to draw original stories and create my own characters the most! :D I'm excited to serve the most High God, and use my art in a way that is pleasing to him. :) I'm far from perfect, but I keep on going! :heart: Thank you for checking out my gallery! I certainly hope you stick around! :blowkiss:


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